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Our Officers

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Luxin Wang


Dr. Luxin Wang is an associate professor in food microbiology at the University of California Davis. Her research program focuses on the microbial safety of fresh produce, aquaculture products and animal products. Her program uses conventional microbiological technologies and new precision approaches, such as comparative genomics and metagenomics, to study the behavior of foodborne pathogens and their interactions with the background microbiome. She has been a member of the International Association for Food Protection for more than 12 years and is now serving as the secretary for the California Association for Food Protection.


Michael Fang


Michael Fang co-founded Spectacular Labs, where he is working with his team to automate foodborne pathogen testing. While working towards his doctorate at UC Berkeley, he worked on several projects combining machine learning and physics. A few of these include designing photonics neural networks at Intel and automating spectromicroscopy of microbes at Lawerence Berkeley National Lab. He is excited to tackle a new set of important and difficult challenges. Joining CalFP, Michael is looking forward to learning more from the community and helping to build a more connected food safety community.


Sherman Mah


Sherman Mah is the Senior Technical Services Manager for Certified Laboratories.  A food quality/safety professional with over 25 years of experience working in food plant quality management and food laboratory testing operations, he brings a broad set of skills and experience that include but not limited to Food Science, Plant GMPs, Quality Assurance/Quality Systems, FDA Imports and all aspects of Laboratory Operations.  He prides himself in bridging science with practicality and provides a hands on plant personnel friendly approach to food quality, food safety, and process validation.  Sherman is also an Almond Board of California Approved Process Authority and has served as the Treasurer of the Southern CA Association for Protection (SCAFP) and is now serving as the Treasurer for the California Association for Food Protection.


Bill Huntley


Bill Huntley is a highly experienced food safety and quality consultant with over 25 years of experience. He founded William Thomas Huntley Food Consulting Group in 1997, which evolved into William Thomas Huntley & Associates. Throughout his career, Bill has developed long-term relationships with clients in the food industry, offering affordable food safety and quality compliance solutions for companies of all sizes. With extensive expertise in areas such as food safety, HACCP, quality assurance, and compliance, Bill is well-equipped to address the diverse needs of his clients. He holds multiple certifications and actively engages with industry and regulatory organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest standards and practices. Bill's commitment to education and training ensures that his company, as well as his clients, receive excellent support in the ever-evolving field of food safety and quality.

For more information on CalFP as an IAFP Affiliate click here.

Cub officers gather virtually to discuss upcoming events and initiatives

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Get together at IAFP 2021 in Phoenix, AZ

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